Monday, 14 January 2019

Extending the gallery

 I’ll be adding new photos to my Doctor Who Tapestry gallery pages over the next few days.
Monday I added photos for the 4th Doctor adventures:

The Talons of Weng-Chiang, 
The Horror of Fang Rock & Shada.

Tuesday I've added photos for the 3rd Doctor adventures:
Bellal from Death to the Daleks,
Autons & Nestene from 
Spearhead from Space & Terror of the Autons,
Draconians & Axons

By the end of the project I hope to have represented every classic story and all the wonderful creatures and not so wonderful ones, along with a large number of other characters that made those early years so special

Adventures with the 3rd Doctor4th Doctor

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Opening the Gallery

I've started to open the gallery pages for the Doctor Who tapestry.

The first two pages to launch are:
Daleks, Davros & Cybermen

For the moment there are only four of the classic series Doctors shown, but I will be loading more photos soon, along with more Doctors, Daleks & Cybemen there will be companions and other creatures that featured in the classic series and some of the spin-off productions based on that era.

It is my intention in the future, once this one is finished, to start work on the 2005+ adventures, but that will be a whole new canvas.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Excavating The Past

As things have it, I am in the process of moving a lot of things into storage at the moment, hence the lack of actual model making going on. In doing so I have been digging into the backs of cupboards, wardrobes and places that have probably been more secure than a tape locked away in Davros' office.

Two things that have emerged recently are these: 

The 1980s Doctor Who logo jumper mum knitted for me back in 1987 following a pattern from the Doctor Who Knitting Book. 

1987 vs 2019 same me, same jumper
I have posted photos before of some of the things mum and dad made which probably inspired some of my creativity, so I think I'm going to set up a gallery page for them and another gallery page for...

The Doctor Who tapestry, that I've also posted about several times before. This is one of the two projects I am continuing with during this current upheaval. 

The other thing I found was this huge role of 14 count aida, that is the cloth used for the tapestry work. 

I bought it many many years ago when a local haberdashery closed down. The current project is Classic Doctor Who, this role of aida will be the start of the next great work, a tapestry dedicated to the new world that was born back in 2005.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Post Christmas - Getting a bit tubby

Yes, ok, post Christmas and the diet has to be taken seriously again, stop snacking. Not too easy when there is still stuff around and you're trying not to gorge yourself.

 These snacks are too easy to munch through, the Twiglets being my favourite. But I've always toiled with how to use these tubs in my modelling, it always feels wrong to throw them out.

There appears to be a lot of promise from these tubs, certainly the framework for a tower or a bow fronted house. 

Also I am wondering whether it would work if you glued the lid to the base of the board and did not glue down the tube could you make a model that could be stored easier by lifting it off the baseboard but use the lid as an anchor to the base?

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Charmed I'm Sure

Not quite finished my post Christmas ideas collection of blog posts, but this one isn't so much about those Christmas leftovers(*)  but more about my ongoing frustration at not being able to get on and make stuff at the moment.

If anyone has read book one of the Karl adventures, you will know about The Alleys, the street where Karl's father has his small business, Axilion Trade. It has always been my intention to model this cobbled street one day, and I can see the hanging shop signs in my head. Not only shop signs, but also some of the many pubs and inns that feature in the adventures, and the things that may appear in some of those shop windows.

I've been spotting a number of quite cheap charms and 'embellishments' on sale that have been crying out to me. Quite a large number of these I've bought and squirrelled away for later use from The Works and a few other places.

Take this set for example, the mask could hang outside a theatre, buy four packs and you could build a clock tower using the clock one. The crown will work for either a pub or maybe a jewellers. I'll leave the others to your imagination.

There are several other sets I've got but have already been put into storage.

More thoughts to follow...

(*) Other celebrations can also generate exciting modelling materials too.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Post Christmas - Box Sets

Continuing my gathering of those unexpected goodies that can help the model maker that come at this time of year...

I'm gathering up some of the mince pie trays, sweet and biscuit trays that come from the selection boxes to use as moulds for plaster work.

Not sure exactly what I'm going to get from them yet, but I'll be experimenting in the new year.

This one has potential. Certainly the shield shaped tray.

I tried this a few years back when I modelled some stone pillars from an old chocolate selection tray.

Christmas 2011


Friday, 28 December 2018

Post Christmas - Crackers

Hope you've all suitably over indulged over Christmas and as a result have plenty of exciting modelling materials now at your disposal.

Even if I don't get much time in the year ahead to make good on some of these ideas, I thought I'd share a few and hope they inspire you.

The humble Christmas cracker offers quite a lot of potential. 

The plastic from the boxes make good windows for models, whilst the crackers themselves offer so many possibilities. The gifts - sometimes tacky - can be useful to modellers.

A shoe pedant might become the hanging sign outside a cobblers, whilst a giant gem could be the focal point of wizard's lair.

The cracker card has potential for being good backgrounds, this one a particular favourite has certainly potential for a Doctor Who diorama at some point

My crackers this year had bit of ribbon around them, these I save to decorate the garlands and Christmas wreaths for next year.

Still wondering what to do with the paper hats, any thoughts?

And finally, not forgetting those unforgettable jokes...