Doctor Who Tapestry/Embroidery Postings

Part One (Posted 5th December 2011)

Part Two (Posted 11th December 2011) Missing Episodes Recovered.

A Stitch in Shelka (Posted 16th September 2013)

In Glorious Black & White (Posted 15th July 2015)

A Stitch in Time (Posted 27th March 2016)

Excavating The Past (Posted 11th January 2019)

Opening the Gallery (Posted 13th January 2019)

Extending the Gallery (Posted 14th January 2019)

Black & White Gallery Open  (Posted 28th January 2019)

Coming Soon (Posted 13th February 2019)

The Key To Time - Unlocked (Posted 20th February 2019)

Patrick Troughton (Posted 25th March 2019)