Doctor Who Tapestry/Embroidery Postings

New video post

Part One (Posted 5th December 2011)

Part Two (Posted 11th December 2011) Missing Episodes Recovered.

A Stitch in Shelka (Posted 16th September 2013)

In Glorious Black & White (Posted 15th July 2015)

A Stitch in Time (Posted 27th March 2016)

Excavating The Past (Posted 11th January 2019)

Opening the Gallery (Posted 13th January 2019)

Extending the Gallery (Posted 14th January 2019)

Black & White Gallery Open  (Posted 28th January 2019)

Coming Soon (Posted 13th February 2019)

The Key To Time - Unlocked (Posted 20th February 2019)

Patrick Troughton (Posted 25th March 2019)

A Stitch in the Time Lord, video along the join of the new bottom section on to the main body 
(Posted 14th January 2021)

Stitching the Ancient One - different stages
Ancient One Update (Posted 15th February 2021)
March Update (Stitching, Crafting & Writing - a busy March)  - (Posted 26th March 2021)

Celebrating World Penguin Day (Posted 25th April 2021)

August Tapestry Update, Ancient One & Haemovore (Curse of Fenric)  Husk & Light (Ghostlight) (Posted 31st August 2021)

The Story of the Tapestry Post Collection
The Story of the Tapestry - Part One  - How it got started. 
(Posted 4th September 2021)

The Story of the Tapestry - Part Two  - Finishing the Seven Faces of Doctor Who. 
(Posted 23rd September 2021)

The Story of the Tapestry - Part Three - Daleks & Cybermen, the first join
(Posted 22nd October 2021)

The Story of the Tapestry - Part Four - Of Time Lords and Twilleys
(Posted 18th January 2022)

Celebrating Season 17 boxset (Posted 4th January 2022)

2022 Updates for "Battlefield"
January Update (Posted 22nd January 2022)
Battle On  (Posted 6th February 2022)
Battle On 2 (Posted 27th February 2022)