Materials Used

This page gives a brief summary of the main materials used for each model collection.
(R) = Recycled material.
(P) = Purchased material.

GM = Games Workshop

Coffee Stick Ghost Town
(P) Foam Board (Frame work walls)
(R) Cardboard Cereal Packet (Frame work roof)
(P) PVA Glue (Holds everything together)

(R) Wooden Coffee Stick Stirrers (Main exterior feature)
(P) Acrylic Paint
Games Workshop (Undercoat spray) - Chaos Black
Unknown brand  from Pound stores

 - White and Black

Wilko from Wilkinson - Burnt Umber

Americana from Hobbycraft - Desert Sand

(P) Purity Seal
Purity Seal from Games Workshop
Castle Ruins

(R) Polystyrene packaging (Base work)

(P) Ready mix wall filler

(P) Acrylic paint (Black, White)

(P) PVA Glue

Castle Ruins Extra Features

(R) Cardboard packaging

(R) Wooden  coffee sticks 

(R) Wine cork 

(R) Cocktail sticks / toothpicks

(R) Silver foil 

Log Cabins

(R) Cardboard packaging

(R) Home grown garden canes

(P) PVA Glue


(R) Dried up wall filler

(P) Acrylic paint (Black, White)


(R) Magazine postal bags

(R) Cross-cut shredding