Monday, 14 February 2011

A Quick Hello from DJK

A quick hello. Hello.
I’ve started this blog page as a place to talk in some detail about the scratch built models I’ve building for some of our fantasy role play games. In most cases I try to build using as much recycled materials as possible.

If you follow Big Lee’s blog ( you will already have seen some of the models as he featured them a while back.
Here I will go into more detail regarding how some of the older models were made, along with details on new projects I’m working on.
I won’t be such a regular poster as Big Lee, but I’ll try to keep a regular update on projects as they come along.
I started this as a hobby back in the late 1980s, when I followed the plans printed in Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine to build the coaching inn. There followed a few articles on scratch building models and scenic material – these were well written and very detailed so that anyone with no previous experience could follow them.
After discovering that, hey I could do this, I started to make my own designs based on photos. Hence along came the water mill, and the stone circle (although I’ll confess here that the stone circle was made to use up an excess of wall filler that I had mixed up and didn’t want to see go to waste.)

I’ll be back soon with details of the rustic old town being built from old wooden coffee sticks, and the rock / stone town currently under construction for our latest game.