Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fully Recycled Ghost Town House

A short posting this week, other jobs are taking priority at the moment, although I did find some time to try out something I’ve wanted to do for a while and see if I could use small boxes as a basic shape for a house rather than the foam board interior. 

I’ve often put a few different boxes together in different positions to make a skeleton house shape, but once I actually went to do put the building together it wasn’t quite as straight forward to get a unusable shape, and some boxes are too weak. 

This attempt I’ve use a Solero box cut in half and turned inside out along with another box taken apart and turned inside out. The other parts of the skeleton were from packing card from a mail order delivery. By turning the boxes inside and gluing them back together it does improve their strength slightly, plus the non glossy card is easier to work with.

I was going to build this as one of the houses in the style of my suburb town, but my supply of coffee sticks has grown recently, the storage boxes have over flown so I’ve decided to use some of these and make this one of the ghost town buildings.  I think is working better as I’m not sure how the thin card would have held up against the wall filler.