Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mass Varnishing

At least it was a dry day, we even had a few minutes of sunshine; enough to fool me into going inside putting on sun block. The second I did this, the sun became shy again and hide behind clouds for the rest of the day. But I did manage to get the ghost town buildings varnished, so these are now complete. 

Last year when I thought I would finish these I decided to try out using a large tin of DIY varnish rather than the very expensive for what you get size model varnish. Let’s face it these are all wood buildings anyway so it is not as if I am using it on delicate figures.

So last year I bought this can of RONSEAL Quick Drying Varnish Matt Clear for interior doors and furniture. 

This was the tin after two models.

It says dry to the touch in 20 minutes, actually outside today it was quicker than that, but to the touch is not quite the same as holding it in your hand, if you’re holding it the pressure is different and you still risk getting slightly tacky and sticky. 

I tested it out first one a small area then tried one side of a building.

This also came with the added bonus of 33% extra free, so more models in the future then.

I applied it with a brush; it was clear but if you were too quick you risked getting foamy bubbles a bit like sea foam, especially around the fiddly bits like windows and beams. 

There was also a small amount of colour lifted off the models and mixed in with the varnish, although it was not enough to spoil the effect I had intended for these models.

Remember this was not designed for this work really. 

However if you gave it a few seconds then manipulated it with a dryer brush you could clean it up and get a reasonable finish. Just don’t go too thick, I did make that mistake in one part and it is a bit patchy. 

However having done the four outstanding models I am pleased that I decided to do this instead of the smaller tins of model varnish.

I have retaken all the ghost town gallery photos in the same style, and set all the models out together in mock up game layout. You can see these on the Gallery (Ghost Town) page.