Wednesday 13 March 2013

Little Shacks 2

I promised a quick update on the latest models, not much has happened recently with these. I have now covered both with the base layer of sticks to give the basic layer planking effect. The second layer will add the cross beams and edging. 

A few deliveries this week have provided some cardboard which I’ve cut into the first pair of roofs.  These will be covered with sticks once they have dried properly. Because I’m making the roofs separate I’ll probably make a couple of variations to the roofs so that they can be changed about to get multiple use out of the models. 

These are going to be a small collection of rough and ready shacks that can be used on the outskirts of the larger ghost town or even as ... 

(Sorry can’t say as I might give a future plot away.)

First post in this series

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  1. Good stuff, glad to see you are still building.... no idea how you managed store all this stuff (unless your house incorporates some Time Lord Technology).


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