Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Finished Models

A quick round up of a couple of models I finally got finished recently.

Two finally finished models for the Ghost Town

Checking the weather in the Ghost Town

First is the ‘off-cuts house’ which was made to use up scraps of the foam board which could not be used for larger designed buildings, the shape of this was determined by the pieces of board available. This has finally had the windows painted black and the varnish applied.

Here is a shot with a figure on the front steps, I was planning to take a few more pictures but it started to rain so I had to get the models in before any damage was done.


The original ‘mystery model ‘has also been painted and varnished now – this can have various uses. I’ve made the very top flat roof as an additional piece and not fixed, this allows models to be put in and two different looks for the tower. It can be a guard tower / look out post or as suggested a siege tower. I plan to make some wheels and a base for it later.

Here are a couple of rangers taking aim from the tower.

Rangers using the tower

And finally the ‘slot in place doors’ for the earlier coffee stick houses for the ghost town have finally been varnished and can be packed away with their respective models.

Switchable door selection