Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Woodwork painting

A few close up photos of the front of the haunted house. I have now moved on to painting the woodwork. The whole model was given a black undercoat, and the stonework and roof tiles were painted up with varying shades of black and white mixes until I dry brushed with white.

The woodwork, likewise, is painted with a limited pallet of black, burnt umber and white in different mixes. The planking on the walls of the model were given one less coat than the beams which had a lighter burnt umber applied in a light application before I started dry brushing (or I like to call it dusting) with white over both the planking on the walls and the beams.

Front part dusted with white, shows as contrast to yet to be dusted section
I'll post a further update once this part of the painting is finished.

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