Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Little Houses Part Two

So far so good, getting somewhere with these smaller models. Continuing on, a little later than planned* from my previous post.

Roofs are on and I even managed over the recent back holiday to get a lot of tiles cut ready to stick on to them.

They are now beginning to take shape, and I find I can pick these up and do a little bit on them in short bursts when taking the odd break between doing garden clean up stuff, yes it's that time of year again, and the housework and the writing.

I found myself watching a DVD boxset of an old series 'Life After People', by the end of the first series it did begin to feel a bit monotonous but there were some great images of deserted places and buildings being reclaimed by nature.

I'll certainly be returning to these programmes when the time comes to build some more abandoned worlds.

(*) This post has been delayed due to problems with photostream syncing since I upgraded my phone.