Friday, 17 February 2012

Big Finish Day 2

Once again I’ve fallen behind with my postings, sorry. I didn’t get much model work down last weekend, Saturday I spent all day at Big Finish Day 2 in Barking. Lucky old me, I live locally to where Tenth Planet Events run some of their conventions, and this one run in conjunction with the company BigFinish was no exception. For those of you not in the know, Big Finish release audio drama on CD. Some of their work has also been broadcast on BBC Digital Radio station 4 More (Formally known as Radio 7)

A horde of CDs, 55 Hours worth of listening.
Big Finish have quite a catalogue of productions these days which span enough titles to warrant their own convention. They have or have had licences covering Doctor Who (Classic series Doctors 1 to 8), Sapphire & Steel, Dark Shadows, The Tomorrow People, Stargate, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes to name but a few. Recently they have started a range for Blake’s 7 as well featuring many of the original cast.

At the event last Saturday the 4th Doctor, Mr Tom Baker was in attendance, promoting his first appearance in their range, along with Louise Jameson (Leela), Katy Manning (Jo Grant) and Anneke Wills (Polly).

Paul Darrow (Avon from Blake’s 7) was there to promote the new Blake’s 7 range, along with a myriad of writers, directors, sound designers, artists and other contributors to the range. Not forgetting the voice of the current Daleks and Cybermen, exec producer for Big Finish and star of their Sherlock Holmes range Nicholas Briggs.

These events are really great, you get a chance for autographs and a chance to chat with the stars in person and ask questions during their panels. Also several of my favourite authors whom I mentioned in recent posts were there, as they also write for the Big Finish ranges, John Dorney, Joe Lidster, James Goss and Jonathan Morris to name just a few - seriously I could go on all day. There is a great list of names at the bottom of this posting with Twitter accounts. Please #FF some of these guys if you're on.

I listen to a lot of these audio productions whilst model making, doing house work and whilst engaged in the great tapestry. I did actually over spend a tad, I bought another 55 hours worth of audio. I’ll be reviewing a few later along with some of the book reviews. 

There are a couple of promos I'd like to give. 

First I'd like to point you in the direction of the Companion Chronical, The Rocket Men, by John Dorney. An audio I've recently listened to staring one of the original Doctor Who cast William Russell (Ian Chesterton). Here he tells a tale of new adventure for the first Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicky. 

Yes I am biased on this I will admit, as John is also one of the semi-regular players in our D&D games. For more on the games please see Big Lee's game postings.

'Magic of the Angels' latest
book from Jac Rayner
The other is for Scott Handcock, one of the talented writers who is running the Edinburgh Marathon in May and is taking sponsorship in aid of Invest in ME. If you saw my last book review, you'll see that I mention another of my favourite authors from many of the Doctor Who books and audio range is Jac Rayner. Jac is a sufferer from this condition and will tweet on the state or lack of research and understanding for this disease. along with news on Doctor Who stuff. You can follow both Scott and Jac on Twitter. If you'd like to sponsor Scott then please follow this link  to the Just Giving Website where the funds go straight to the charity.  

For Twitter followers here is a big #FF call out for those mentioned above, either by name or reputation. Apologies to any I may have missed.

As the Brig would have said, "Splendid chaps, all of them."

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The Organisers,
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