Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunny Sunday Building the Ghost Town

It is the last weekend of February, we should be under several feet of snow in the UK but instead this Sunday offered brilliant sunshine, so much so I was able to sit outside this afternoon without a jacket whilst working on the models. It is so much easier to be able to use the table outside, you can sand things down, bits of wood can fly off when you clip them without causing clean up nightmares, and I personally have more space to work on.

After completing some housework and baking (less said the better) I put a couple of hours in on the slowly growing ghost town built from coffee sticks and in a lot of cases recycled boxes.

A couple of weeks ago I had gathered up some odd boxes, glued them together, and along with a cut down Pringles tube I had build a frame work for another building. The tube I cut in half length ways, using one side for this curved wall. I over cut the length I needed, cutting the excess into a lip which I folded back and glued to the top of the neighbouring box to give it greater surface area for sticking with, then glued along the edge and bound the whole lot together with tape whilst the glue dried.

This afternoon I started applying the sticks to the building, and added more to the other pizza box based house as well. I’m using the quicker method I mentioned previously, intending to build the frame on top of the base layer of sticks for quickness. Although I do agree I prefer the look of the more rustic earlier buildings where the frame was built then smaller sticks were glued in the gaps. I have an idea to ‘rustic’ up the new approach once finished, so let’s see where this experiment takes me.

Once I have the wood covering complete on all three models I’ll then start the painting process, I hope the weather stays nice for the next few weeks so I can get these finished.

Like I said, less said the better!