Thursday, 21 June 2012

In Memory of Caroline John 1940 - 2012

Photo from Big Finish
It is another sad news day for Doctor Who fans as we learn that Caroline John, 3rd Doctor companion Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Shaw has passed away.

Caroline’s first appearance in Doctor Who was just a couple of days after I was born, so I do not remember Spearhead From Space the first time round, but once these stories made it to video and later to DVD I found myself truly enjoying these adventures and cheering Liz on as she gave the Brig and The Doctor her cynical expression regarding ‘little green men’.  

Liz Shaw was a character we never saw enough of, it was a character in Caroline’s hands which had style and depth, and having met Caroline a couple of times at Doctor Who events it is obvious where these qualities came from. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Big Finish Companion Chronicles that Caroline performed returning to the character of Liz Shaw in recent years.

Caroline was married to another Doctor Who actor, Geoffrey Beevers, one of the incarnations of the Master. All our thoughts are with Geoffrey and their family at this sad time.