Thursday, 28 June 2012

Karl - Birth of Mystery now at Tenth Planet Events

Just a quick posting to let you know that signed copies of Karl – Birth of Mystery can now be bought from Tenth Planet Events as well as directly from me through the publisher’s website at Hundred Publishing. I signed a stock up for them on Saturday during their recent Doctor Who signing event. They do actually have stock in unlike other online retails I could mention.

The Hundred Publishing website requires you to use Paypal for the purchase, but if you prefer some of the more traditional payment methods then Tenth Planet can help you there as they are a fully fledged on-line and mail order business. Whilst you’re there why not take a look at some of the Doctor Who signing events and conventions they organise or browse the rest of their online shop for signed DVDs, books, CDs and other film, TV and celebrity memorabilia.

Another short teaser.

Hanna awoke from a deep sleep and looked across the room at her sister; there was something noticeably different about her. Katarina’s hair had turned a distinct shade lighter, which contrasted with her own which she was convinced had become darker.
     She had tried to reach out with her mind to locate Karl, but he was concealed from her, hidden by forces that scared her. She climbed from her bed and silently dressed then using the power of transportation she faded from her bedroom with her destination planned as Zandina’s old town house that had been left to Reoma.
    When she arrived, Hanna appeared just outside the front gates, a force had propelled her from the property during transportation. None of them had been able to cross the boundary that had arisen in the time that had passed after Zandina’s physical body had passed away and her essence had been passed on.