Monday, 6 May 2013

Bar room, fixtures, fittings and furniture

Whilst moving the contents of various storage boxes around this bank holiday Monday, I dug up the pieces I made for a game session set in a bar. At short notice I needed a bar set, and although I had one set of resin tables painted up there was certainly no time to shop for more and even then only one in the set was a basic table top; one had dishes set out for dinner and the third was more a study table. 

Keeping in mind the last part of the first book in the Karl trilogy I set about putting together the necessary fixtures, fittings and furniture for this scene as a starting point.

However for the game session I also needed the upstairs rooms, so not only bar room tables were needed in bulk for this session but also beds.

For part of the general bar room I built a couple of style bars, a fireplace and additional chimney stack, and a staircase. The bulk of the materials came from the usual source, the coffee stick collection.

The tables were small lengths of coffee sticks cut to size, joined together by additional smaller pieces on the underside with legs cut from matchsticks. The beds were built on basically the same principle, and so were the smaller bar stools. 

A single length of coffee stick with tiny angled pieces made a couple of benches. The bedding was made from cut up coffee cup holder, one of those extra cardboard bands you get sometimes if the coffee is too hot to hold. The pillows were slices of packing chips.

The basic paint job of black under coat, brown top coat and a dash of white dry brushing completed the effect.

The fireplace and chimney started life as a thin, tall cardboard box, the type used for toothpaste tubes. Cut down and shaped it was covered in DAS putty and had a brick effect scored in whilst the DAS was still wet. Again a quick red brick paint job completed the build. The colourful flames and occasional tankard came from tiny coloured plastic beads I found in Hobbycraft. The red, orange and yellow ones were cut up to form the flames on the fire, and the light grey ones were stuck on to surfaces for mugs or cups.

The bars and stairs were again cereal packet corners cut to shape, covered in coffee sticks and painted up, decorated with a man behind the bar and some barrel pieces I had already bought I think the effect worked.

Anyway, enough reminiscing, back to work, it is a bank holiday after all.