Thursday, 2 May 2013

Love of Lego

During the 1970s as a small kid I discovered Lego. I loved it, and so did my parents if truth be told. I think most adults do. Quite often I remember setting Mum and Dad a challenge to build something after I had gone to bed, to come down in the morning and see what they had made. I remember a yellow castle very well although I don’t have any photos of the models. 

In those days you didn’t photograph everything that moved or didn’t unlike today when camera phones get whipped out at any and every opportunity.  (But that’s a discussion for another time.)

As time went by I remember buying small sets of either tiny models or just assorted bricks to take home and build up my collection. It really is no wonder I still make model houses today from all sorts of materials, but back then it was Lego. There were small stickers in the boxes which you stuck to collector sheets to send off for bonus sets, people that were giants to the mini figures of today and trees that were flat.

Then along came mini figures and space Lego. I got some of the early sets and build my lunar landscape, and made up stories about monsters from outer space that terrorised the base. I recall being influenced by a TV series at the time called ‘The Nightmare Man’ (look it up – go on) and ended up scaring the hell out of myself courtesy of my own imagination.

Then as the years went on the sets got broken up and put away, but never forgotten about. Then a few years ago a couple of friends got me started collecting the packets of mini figure collectables that Lego now release. And like anyone else inflicted with the “completest gene” I had to collect the whole set of sets. 

This has led on to me rediscovering the whole world especially now that there are sets for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Monster Hunters to name but a few. Although I do think the new sets, however ingenious with new style pieces and parts that interact and light up in ways they never did before are a trifle more flimsy being built from single width bricks (1x3) rather than the thicker (2x3) bricks when the range of pieces and colours were fewer.

However, the addiction has been awoken and I now have a display of Lord of the Rings at the moment, plus a Halloween display planned, along with Lego being my planned style of Christmas decorations for this year