Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lego, Tower of Orthanc

Lego are about to release a few additional sets in their ‘Lord of the Rings’ range. For the moment one new set is exclusive to their VIP club, this is the Tower of Orthanc. Currently available online and in store to members between 17th – 30th June, along with a free poster.  I believe you can sign up in store and purchase it but online you will only be able to access the offer on your second order. It’s beneficial to be a member, as there are often free Lego offers, and you collect points that give discounts on subsequent purchases.

Along with the great tower there also comes a Tree Ent, a Great Eagle, and Gandalf the Grey, Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Uruk-hai  & Orc Pitmaster minifigures.

There are trap doors, a light brick to illuminate the Palantir and other interaction parts that make this more than just a model. The one warning with these large models, handle with care once finished.

Here’s the model taking shape.

The finished tower stands at around 2' 4.75" (73cm) tall. More details: