Sunday, 2 June 2013

Raising The Roof

Again I should start with an apology for the lack of postings recently, this is some work carried out over the last bank holiday.

I finished the work on the two coffee stick houses and sat the roof pieces in place to find that they were not such a good fit after all.

During the process they had become slightly misshapen. The larger of the two fitted reasonably well but not perfectly.

I decided with this one to glue it into place in the end ensuring that the roof sat properly and added a few extra remedial sticks around the join.

The smaller of the two was a disaster. There was no way it would be suitable. Rather than throwing the roof away I sliced off the sides and glued these with a supporting beam on to the main structure.

Using some card from a recently delivery I made a new roof gluing and pinning the card in place until it set.

The remaining V shaped roof I cut a new base for from foam board, gluing the roof in place during the build. So now this small project has increased by 50% overnight, and I was trying not to fill the kitchen with half finished models this year.

A quick round of coffee sticks over the bank holiday weekend and the base structure was finished, although working with the roof in place is not as easy – it’s a lot easier with the roof off to allow clamps to be put in place to hold the sticks to the walls as the glue dries.

In future I think I will work the bases roofless to allow the application of the clamps but will continue to glue the roof pieces on at a later stage.

Old roof, new base & new roof, old base

This project now 50% larger than when I started