Sunday, 28 July 2013

And on goes the roof

Another quick update for the scrap piece house. 

Main roof with an extra piece of foam board found at the last minute
I moved some boxes around the other day and discovered another triangular piece of foam board just as I was about to start work on the roof. It found its way on to the roof and finished the main roof off very well. 

The roof was made from some more mail order packaging card covered in more coffee sticks. I shaped the roof on the model and pinned it in place with dress pins whilst it dried with a few sticks glued in place to help keep the shape.

Two pieces of roof now ready to be added
Once it was shaped I then unpinned it and glued the full set of sticks to the card and used the clamps to hold the sticks in place. Finally once the roof pieces were ready I glued them back on the model and pinned them in pace again until they set. 

You might notice the slight misshape to the roof, not quite sure what happened there but I think it adds character to the final model so I didn't get the knife out to hack it about again. 

All I need to do now is tidy up around the joins then a quick rub down before the paint brush comes out.