Thursday, 4 July 2013

Karl - The Lost Adventurer (Kindle Edition)

Book 2 of Karl’s trilogy is now available to download on the Kindle from Amazon, it took a bit of time getting there I'll have to admit. The initial intention was to launch book two on the 1st July, but Amazon’s systems seemed to have had their own ideas. The book published to some of the Amazon sites like .com and .ca but the book failed to reach, and some of the other European sites.

But now I am pleased to announce that the book is live everywhere and can be downloaded in just the same way as book one. Once again the atmospheric cover has been provided by Robert Hammond.  

The Karl Axilion Trilogy
Book 2
Karl – The Lost Adventurer

By D.J. Kettlety

Karl, the boy that should never have been born has now been lost for two years.

The son of a trader, Karl has been kidnapped and dragged many hundreds of miles from home, but not entirely by strangers.

Karl's family have a secret, his grandparents were Guardians of the Knowledge, a small select group that can pass on their life essence to their grandchildren. Many are powerful users of magic, gifted from the gods, and collectively they hold the secret to the coming battle between good and evil, but part of the secret has been lost.

The time rapidly approaches that the evil force that has lain dormant will rise; and for that it will need to claim a vessel. Legend suggests it will attempt to rise three times and on the third occasion be successful - but legends can be wrong.

For Karl: lost, alone, prisoner, homeless, victim of some of the most vile people this new town can produce, and a potential sacrifice - a friendly face or two now would go a long way.

UK Price £2.99
Details regarding the paperback edition will follow shortly.

The final part of the trilogy is provisionally scheduled for the end of 2014.

Also thinking of running a competition on Karl's Facebook page for anyone who has bought book 2,
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