Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lego travels "Back to the Future"

One of my favourite films from the 1980s has to be "Back To The Future". Every time I watch it I’m convinced that with Doc Brown hanging from the cable connected to the clock tower, the time ticking away, the storm on the horizon and Marty stalling the engine there is no way our time travelling hero is going to get home.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I heard that Lego had released a Back to the Future set. Cue music, Da-da-da-daaaa, da-da-da-da-da-Dummmmm.

Off I trod to the local Lego Store and part with my £34.99 to take away a pack that allows you to build the DeLorean time travelling car in any variation from the three films, as after you have built the vehicle there are additional customisation options. The pack also comes with two wonderful Lego Minifigures , Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

On go the CDs
So on went the CDs, and out came the instruction manual and I set to work building the car of my dreams. (There was this time I took part in a stage hypnotist show, *cough* but that’s another story)

Three CDs later I had finally built my Lego DeLorean – I’m sure the original took Doc Brown a lot longer. It also took a lot longer for the original designers of this set to get it from conception to market. This is set number 4 in a range of sets from Lego named ‘CUUSOO’.

The CUUSOO project in short - you can design and submit a Lego model you think other people would love to build to the Lego Cuusoo website.  Then once it appears on the website if it receives 10,000 supporters it goes up before a review committee. The reviews are now undertaken by Lego on a quarterly period and if it passes the review and is chosen for production you get a small royalty, 1% of the sales.

The designers of the Lego Delorean project are two Japanese Lego enthusiasts called Togami & Sakuretsu , they are depicted in the instruction book as two Lego Minifigures. They have also donated their royalty payment to the Michael j. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. .

These guys form a group called Team Back To The Future and have several other models vying for votes on the website - I'd love to see them released as Lego sets so please give them your support.

The DeLorean in hover mode with doors open, Marty & Doc and some of the customisable features.