Sunday, 18 August 2013

Scrap build model update.

It’s a good feeling when something comes together and turns out better than you expected. This was really just an experiment with using up odd pieces of foam board which because of their size and shape controlled what I could do to some extent. I think the discovery of the extra triangular piece I found just before doing the roof made the model for me. I also especially like now it’s finished the slightly irregular shape of the roof – I think it adds character to piece and keeps it in line with the very rustic nature I’ve been going for.

The doors have been added, by sticking on strips of coffee sticks that have been cut vertically to make thinner boards.

For one I've put a small window in the door and another round the back I stuck extra thin planks across the middle to give the appearance that the door could be half opened. 

The gaps have been filled or had pieces stuck over them, the model sanded down to get rid of any glue that might have seeped through.

Anyway the painting has now started and the under coat is on. 

I’ll be following the same basic painting strategy of undercoat black, then black/dark brown 50% mix, dark brown, dark brown/white 50%, dry brush white. In each case the layer that goes on is painted quicker, more sweeping strokes and so not going back over the same area to ensure that there is colour bleed through from the earlier layers. The paint layer is applied thinner but the paint is not watered down.