Saturday, 26 July 2014

Bitten by Dracula at The Pleasance.

I’m more of a werewolf boy than vampire myself, but when the Edinburgh Fringe Preview email arrived from The Pleasance Theatre the other day one show stood out as intriguing. 

This was Action To The Word’s Steampunk adaptation of Dracula. Not quite sure what to expect we were presented with a rock opera/steampunk electrifying production, that delivered so much more than I could have dreamed of.  

This seventy minute production delivers a fast paced telling of the story, true to the original, but with an injection of originality. Jono Davies as Dracula is the first new vampire I’ve seen for a very long while that I can believe is dangerous because of his power of seduction. If he turned up on your doorstep you would let him in rather than say ‘not today thank you,’ like the reception I feel most cold calling vampires would now receive. I had no problem believing how Jonathan Harker would have originally been captivated by the Count before he literally rocks up in Whitby and claims his dominance there.  

Performed by a magnificent musician based cast who play all the music live this is a must see for anyone who like vampires, rock opera, steampunk or any combination thereof.

Written and directed by Alexandra  Spencer-Jones, supported by a fabulous creative team this show is amazing, with wonderful atmospheric lighting, set design and costumes - this show really must go a lot further than this year’s Fringe.

Dracula staring Jono Davis and Rachel Bright is on at the Pleasance Theatre Islington until 27th July before moving to Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh, 30th July – 1st Aug (previews), 2nd Aug – 25th Aug (not 11th

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