Friday, 29 April 2011

All Packed Away

Project Round Up – Friday 29th April

Despite the initial weather forecast of showers for the Royal Wedding Day,  the weather actually stayed quite nice – we only got a few odd spots of rain this afternoon. I managed to take advantage of the extra holiday to get some work done on the castle ruins in the garden.

The main job I wanted to get completed was to give all the castle ruin pieces that had been finished a coating of purity seal, and on a job this big it’s certainly an outdoor activity.

So here we have all the completed pieces, finally sprayed drying out on the table.

Then I managed to get the last of the wall filler on the castle entrance and some more filler on two more walls of the room. I’ve also decided to glue one of the pieces ripped out of the back wall onto the too flat top of the wall I was working on last week. Once the glue has dried I’ll use the wall filler to cover the join. This will give a better ruin effect than the very straight line that I initially had.

Finally I took the opportunity once the pieces had dried to lay everything out including the entrance tunnel and the extra room before boxing up all of the completed pieces.

Here they are in storage, and true to form I try to use as much of my own recycled material for packaging as well. I have some air pockets from some parcel deliveries but the majority of the packaging used for these models comes from shredding. I always shred anything with name, address or other personal details on. This shredding is then sealed up into small plastic bags, often the bags magazine subscriptions get delivered in and then they get inserted between the models.

Making your own packaging packs means they can be as thick or thin as you need them to be to fit around your models.

And of course, it’s the safest way to dispose of that personal data.