Sunday, 17 April 2011

Home Grown Log Cabins

Stick with me on this one – the model work had to take a back seat this weekend as the garden really had to have some attention paid to it. From these before and after shots you’ll see why.

However, notice the dead wood in the before picture – I have some Golden Rod and Michealmass Dasiy growing in the garden, when they die back they leave long, thin, straight canes.

I’ve cleared up last year’s dead wood and whilst doing so had an idea. Log cabin models.

I’ve left the best of the sticks to dry out properly but I’ve made a mock up to see if they might work. Looking at the model below I think it might actually work. Not sure about painting them up yet but I'll use this test model to see what happens.

So now I’m not only recycling old rubbish to make terrain I’ve started to grown my own as well.

I’ll report back with results later.