Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Elizabeth Sladen Tribute

In memory of Elizabeth Sladen

Doctor Who fans world wide are again in shock and grief as another legend from the series has passed away. Elizabeth Sladen first appeared as Sarah-Jane Smith the plucky journalist that stowed away on the TARDIS in 1973 opposite Jon Pertwee.

Sarah-Jane then stayed with The Doctor when he became Tom Baker and remained until 1976.  Elizabeth later reprised her role in the spin off K9 & Company, The Five Doctors and when the series returned she was once again invited back to bring Sarah-Jane to a new generation, being rewarded with her own award winning spin off series The Sarah-Jane Adventures.

I met Elizabeth at several signings and conventions and always found her to be warm and friendly, just like the character she portrayed in Doctor Who.

I’m not sure if it wasn’t for the partnership of Tom Baker and Elizabeth Sladen I might not have got so hooked on Doctor Who.

Our thoughts go out to her family and close friends at this sad time.