Sunday, 24 July 2011

Town Houses Paint Work

I can’t believe it, the last time I featured the town houses they were very much in their naked just built stage. I’ve not shown them for a while and they are practically finished, that kind of crept up on me. I think it was because I was doing the paint work at odd times during the evenings.

Ok, the paint job. First step was a spray with GW’s Skull White. Then I gave the main areas a base coat, black acrylic on the wood work, and the Americana Decoart Acrylic Butter, on the walls. 

The roof tiles were given a coating of black acrylic then a coating of orange & black mix to give it the terracotta look. Once this was done I then set about painting the top layer. White on the walls, but I allowed the butter to show through around the edges to give an aged effect. 

The wood work was given a coat of the Galeria Ivory Black. Then I stippled the orange over the tiles to brighten then up. I used a mix of white and black to make a light grey for the chimneys. 

I used pieces of the plastic covered with black fruit netting for the windows. I need to touch a couple of these up where the netting hasn’t gone down correctly. I’ll do this over the next few days.

The doors were painted with Galeria Ivory Black, Burnt Umber and Raw Sienna.

I’ve set up a few Miltonburg scenes with some characters; looking at these old figures I think they are in need of a bit of refreshing themselves.
The first three figures

Karl, his grandmother Zandina and his father Max.

The Karl figure was originally a second Adric figure I bought from the FASA  Dr Who game. It underwent some modification with a large sword being added to his back, which can't be seen in this picture. 

Zandina was the Romana figure from the same set.

Max - I don’t remember where this figure originally came from, any suggestions would be appreciated.