Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bertie Came to Stay

Behind on my posting again, and not a lot to report this week either. My excuse for lack of building work last week comes on four legs with a tail and a demand for a lot of love and attention; as I was cat sitting for a friend. Bertie is a twelve year old, ginger and white tom cat who, if he likes you, wants a lot of cuddles. I’ve known him since my mate got him as a kitten so he knows me really well and I’m sure he’s much happier being here with me when my mate has to be away than in a cattery. He’s been over a few times and is very well behaved. It’s true, they are great therapy, it was nice just relaxing and having him as company. It’s a really great feeling when an animal curls up on your lap and goes to sleep feeling happy and safe with you. Although he’s my excuse I’m making no apology for it.

I did do a small amount of work on the second version of the Recycled House I mentioned last time. The hay fever tablet packets were turned inside out and glued back together before being glued to the side of the building for the side extension. The desert box, because it was printed card inside and outside I left as was and just glued it down, but first I glued another piece of cut toilet roll tube inside to give it extra strength and support. This was then glued to the front, and a rough roof cut from packaging card that some books and CDs were delivered in.

For the roof all I did was cut a rectangle of card, folded it in half and then cut three triangle pieces, two for each edge and one to add extra strength in the middle. These I glued together and to hold them in place as the glue dried I also added some sticky tape, this is all on the inside and will ever be seen so there’s no harm in the tape being there. 

You can hold some of the card together with tape but if it is on the outside then it really should be removed before you glue the sticks in place, although I have managed to glue sticks over the top of sticky tape using PVA glue  before without too many issues.