Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Recycled House 2012

This is the post I should have done last Sunday; hopefully I’ll get these out with a bit more frequency this year... Time will tell.

Didn’t get much time over the festive period to get much model work done, I have been working on another coffee stick house which I mentioned recently and promised some photos of, so here goes.

This one really did start life as a pile of rubbish, a pizza box, a desert box, two antihistamine tablet boxes, a toilet paper roll and some cardboard packaging from an Amazon delivery. Not to mention the obvious wooden coffee-sticks that has become a regular feature of these models.

Building using recycled boxes is not as good as using the foam board. During building the model does feel very flimsy, but once the sticks are covering the model and the whole thing is dry then it does take on better stability.

For this model I flattened the pizza box, folded it and then cut it in half. By flattening first and allowing the edges to form part of the measure you end up with two halves with one of the four sides shorter than the rest. I turned the pieces inside out and re-glued them then glued the two halves together joining using the smaller side. This stretches a little extra height for the model than if I had simply cut the box into exact halves. It also gives a little extra hand room on the inside for working with the model.

The toilet roll tube was also cut into halves and trimmed, then glued inside to give a bit of extra stability. I’m in the process of repeating this building, so the next one I might actually use more than one tube to give some extra strength.

Here I've used the glue pot to add weight whilst the tubes stick to the walls of the building.

More  to follow...