Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sticking the Sticks

A short one this week, it occurred to me as I started to stick the wooden sticks on to cover the second of these two models that I switch methods of sticking on sticks, even on the same model sometimes, more mood dependent than design.

Sometimes, in this example I would lay out the frame work first using sticks glued together for double thickness to make the main frame and beams. Then I would cut the layered planks that go between and stick them on in between the beams. This is actually a more time consuming way, but does give a more rustic look. It’s very easy to get the planks slightly too short and have gaps.

When I’m in more of a hurry to see progress I sometimes just lay all the planks on first covering the entire side of the model. 

Once they have dried I lay a single layer of additional sticks over the top laying the frame out on top of the model. 

This is quicker; the planking looks much neater between the frame as there has been no additional cutting.

But is it cheating?

Which do you guys prefer?