Sunday, 29 April 2012

Those Addictive Apps.

I’ve been meaning to talk about these iPhone games for a while now. It was about a year ago I finally gave in and upgraded from a ‘dumb’ phone to a ‘smart’ phone. Until then I had just used a mobile to make calls and send texts, no camera, no apps, no wibbly wobbly wotsit gizmos. 

Now I wonder how I ever coped without it. From the ability to snap photos at any time, a lot of the photos on here are now taken with the phone. Evernote synced to the laptop with lists and notes for when I’m out. 

Other things such as checking how the tubes and local buses are running in real time, (An update just buzzed through as I am writing this to say the Jubilee Line has severe delays again), weather updates, maps, navigation, music the list just seems endless.

These devices really are straight out of the world of science fiction that I watched as a child.

Then there’s the social networking side, the Google+, Twitter, Facebook blar blar which seems to be almost as essential as email now, oh yes and that too. Oh and not forgetting the latest craze Draw Something.

And then came the games. I tried and failed to avoid them. One that I started with was Crime City by Funzio, here you build a mob and a hood and through your weight around the city taking bribe money, robbing and fighting. The part that actually hooked me to start with was actually the building your town, for a while in the early days I even toyed with the notion of making actual 3D models of the hood. But I’m so glad I did not start that I don’t get time to complete the builds on the table top game models yet alone start this as a project.

The thing with most of these is that they start off as free down loads but to get better advancements then there are in game purchases, and if you get hooked into this it could be a very expensive pass time. To date, and for the very much foreseeable future I cannot see myself going down this road.

Funzio have another game out which is similar but a medieval version with orcs, zombies, trolls and dragons to fight. This is called Kingdom Age. Again you have to build your own town and these models may have some similar buildings made as this does fit in with the models I am building. The thing with these games is you need to build up a large gang of linked players, otherwise other players can trash your towns. You can form bonds with other players if you know their codes.

Anyone who also plays and wants to request friendships my codes are shown below and to the right hand side of this page.

So where would we be without our modern technology? Bring back the old quill and parchment I say. Hey, I hand drafted the Karl – Birth of Mystery book, and the second book has also been written by hand for the first draft. There is something very personal about the first draft which no computer of smart phone could ever replace.

But if you want to find me:-

Crime City: 892-108-458

Kingdom Age: 244-170-300

Draw Something: djkettlety

Twitter: djkettlety