Sunday, 1 April 2012

Up on the Roof

The sun is up,
The sky is blue,
The garden’s a mess,
But I’ve a back ache too.

With the weather having taken a change for spring, I really should have spent today mowing the lawn and getting the garden back into some semblance of order, but the old back is still playing up. I hope to see a physio next week to have my legs twisted and my spine pulled in such a way as only they can. I’ve had it done in the past and it really helps, so I hope that come the Easter weekend I’ll be in a better shape to get the garden challenge done. Watch this space, or twitter because I’ll probably be calling for someone to come and find me lost in the long grass.

Anyway with the sun out and not too strong, I took  the opportunity to sit in the garden with the sun warming my back (see purely medicinal you understand) I got the chimneys added to Zandina’s house using some plastic spongy packing covered in the ready mixed wall filler. I had tried to find my foam board off cuts but they’re buried somewhere at the moment – spring clean certainly needed inside as well as out at the moment – so I used this packing stuff instead, cutting two rectangular blocks which I then cut triangles out so that they fitted over the roof.  I glued them on then covered, after a while, with the ready mix filler. Once I had allowed that to go off I finished tiling with small cut squares of card to finish the roof. To cap the tiles I used thinly rolled snakes of the wall filler and pressed them down along the top edges. Once this has dried I will forge ahead with the clean up before under coating the whole model.


Just a quick note as well this week to other Doctor Who fans, this week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures comes with an assortment of monster figures, some not having been released before. This looks like a mini selection box, and I’m sure from their rubbery texture they all have soft centres.

You’ve got the 5 coloured Daleks
Judoon, Ood, Silurian, Cyberman & Sontaran
2x Weaping Angels, Med Bot, Silent and Minotaur.