Monday, 16 April 2012

Zandina's House First Painting

The blog has been a bit quiet mainly because I wanted the posting to be about model work, and not much model work has been achieved recently. I will soon be adding another book review and a piece about my love / hate relationship with the iphone – the device I’ve used to take these photos today.

The one thing that has progressed is Zandina’s house. I managed to finish the roof and sanded down the sides to get any excess wall filler off the wood work, and cleaned up the wood work filling in any gaps. Next step was the black under coat. I used a basic black acrylic paint worked into the nooks and crannies using an old paint brush. This had to be repeated a second time as once dried, the paint left small white speckled patches. Again a slightly more watered down black paint was worked into the gaps to give a good consistent undercoat.

Then using just three additional basic paints I set about applying the first base coat of actual colour. These are the darker shades that will be brought up lighter with varying layers. So far I’ve used Pound stores’s Black and Orange, Wilko’s Burnt Umber, and Americana’s Butter.

The black was used as the undercoat, and then mixed with the orange for the first colour layer of the brick work; it was about 75% orange to 25% black. The roof tiles was about 50% mix of burnt umber and black, the wooden side panels was burnt umber and the plaster walls Americana’s Butter. The wooden beams will be painted over with quality black paint after once the walls are finished.

The next stages will be to add the lighter shades and weathering.