Sunday, 27 May 2012

Been a bit distracted.

Sorry I've been a bit quiet these last few weeks, been a bit busy and not with model work, and I didn't want to deliver too many off topic postings, so I thought I'd do one quick round up now and promise that the next posting will be a model work one and quite soon.

As I said not much model work, only some of the painting on Zandina's town house which features in the Karl story. Although today I did get started on the finishing work on the windows, and it will be this work I'll be blogging about quite soon. Some of my time has been taken up with the book, and the sequel. My main aim at the moment is to get the full draft copy of the second together by the end of June. I also have quite a bit of spring cleaning to get done as well.

Most of last week was spent posting teasers from the original on Facebook; I thought that I had hassled you guys about the book enough for a while. But I did get an odd comment the other day, “I really liked how you made me wonder what the mystery behind this character is. You should have given us a little bit more insights though.” I would have hoped that if you were that interested you’d order a copy otherwise if I posted the whole story here there wouldn’t be any point in the book. 
I will reproduce some of the teasers here.

A couple of weekends ago I was in Peterbourgh for the 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy', a collection of Doctor Who stars past and present, Torchwood, Star Trek DS9, and Spooks to name but a few. I was there as part of the crew rather than an attendee. The Saturday was more of an odd job day for me, but Sunday I had the delightful pleasure of assisting Deborah Watling (Victoria from the 1967 to 1968 series with Patrick Troughton's Doctor). The irony is that I reviewed Deborah's autobiography on here in February. I remember giving it a very positive review.

A couple of nights ago I also took a tour of the print site where the FT is printed. That was a fascinating experience, watching the printing plates emerging from the laser etcher and then watching the pages come through, and the work to balance the colour and alignment can only be described as an art form in itself.

There have also been a few other theatre trips as well taking up my time, again I did not want to turn this whole blog into a review blog so I didn’t post every one. Hopefully with the weather improving I’ll get some time to use the table in the garden and get some model work done soon.

This was last Monday’s teaser, I will include another with the next posting.

She was dead.
No, you cannot see your own grave. But it was true; both names belonged to her. Had belonged to her. It had to be true. And was that Karl again? Who were the others - Thomas, Hanna and Katarina? ...