Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Zandina's House - The Windows Are In.

I promised to post this week about the windows on Zandina's House, as I have a better way to create the leading effect after last year's attempt with fruit bag netting. This looked ok but because of the stretchy nature of the material, keeping the same shape and consistency of size of the gaps was tricky.

Whilst wandering around one of those pound stores (other low price denomination shops are also available) that proliferate around Romford, I found something that caught my eye. 

It wasn't in the toy section, stationary or even DIY. I found this in the baking department; it's a non-stick, cake cooling tray. 

Up close and personal it looks like weaved squares. I bought one, took it home, didn't do any baking with it, instead I cut it into small squares and painted it black. Despite being non-stick the black acrylic paint took quite well.

So these small squares cut to size will be the leading. I then took the plastic box I used last time from the underwear packaging and cut that into small squares to fit inside the windows. 

This is very rigid plastic and just slightly opaque so it gives the dull window effect rather than being too see through to the painted card underneath.

Some of the windows I wanted to have a 'lit' feel, but not with actual lighting. I tried a couple of colours for these windows first, eventually going with a ‘butter cream’ and ‘yellow’ mix, which I think gives a warm glow through the plastic windows.

With the windows painted either yellow/cream or black, I placed on the plastic then the painted tray cut pieces and finally held the lot in place by inserting a very slim frame cut from  the coffee sticks, about a third width, and stuck in. 

This gives an inner window frame as well as the main frame work. Then the additional frame was painted black and a few touch ups made to the leading. I’ve got some finishing off work to do but at last I feel that I am making progress with this model.


Oh yes, this posting's short teaser from Karl's story...

Instinctively Hermer obeyed, trembling he extended his right hand, palm upwards before the templars. Their leader dropped what appeared to be a coin into Hermer’s hand; but it was not a coin that was acceptable currency.

      Hermer screamed as the coin burnt into his hand, he tried to drop it but it had adhered to his flesh. Wisps of red smoke trailed out as the coin burnt him. Lugger made a grab for the coin, but a swift blow from one of the morning stars held by another of the templars sent him sprawling backwards.