Sunday, 6 May 2012

Zandina's House and a List of Lists

The other day my old mate over at BigLee’s Miniature Adventures  wrote a list of all his model work that he had to do, for a moment I contemplated that, but I think I would have to put together many lists and then generate a list of lists, what with the many projects I have on the go. Instead of spending time writing all these lists I should just try and finish one thing at a time. The high level lists would be something like this:-

Finish Karl – The Lost Adventurer (Book  2 of the Karl trilogy, actually nearly finished)
Karl – The Conclusion (Title under wraps for the moment, plotted out)
Models based on Karl’s story.
Paint figures for Karl’s story.
Models for the Supernatural game
Paint figures for Supernatural game.
Learn the rules for Supernatural game.
Finish the special project for our D&D ‘Evil GM’s campaign’
The Doctor Who tapestry
The New Who tapestry (Not even going to start this before the other is finished)
And so on and so on, and under each would be a whole list of models, figures and related tasks that would test the scroll bar limits of any web browser.

Top of the list would have to be some house related jobs as well, the garden being one of them. But the grass grows rampant as the rain continues to fall in the wettest drought we have ever known. From the moment The Powers That Be announced a drought and a hose pipe ban it has NOT stopped raining, to finally ending up with the wettest April since the last wettest April we have had since somebody decided it had been a wetter April than the one before. Get it? Good, I don’t need to go on then.  Here was the local weather forecast from today and tomorrow, the wet part kept drifting down time bands all day.

The one thing I did manage to do was most of the black work on the wooden frame for Zandina’s house, all I need to do now to finish this is:-

The white dry brushing on the roof.
The shading on the side wooden panels.
Pick out some brick work.
The windows.
Grey mottle the chimneys
Shade paint the doors,
and finally the leading on the windows which I have a new idea for which I’ve been experimenting with and can’t wait to add as the final touch to this building.

Oh look another list.

HELP !!!!