Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Countdown Continues

Well the countdown deal  on Karl’s first two volumes is now in full swing, the first book remains at 99p/$1.66 until Saturday night when it returns to its full price, the second has just stepped up to the mid price range £1.99/$3.34 where it will remain until Saturday night. 


Quite a few people have taken advantage of the offer even though the Countdown deals do not seem to be widely publicised by Amazon.  Don't miss out on this chance as these deals don't come round very often. Also Amazon Prime customers can still borrow the books for free on their Kindles.

Just go to or and search for "Karl Axilion" or follow the links in the previous post.

Latest news on book 3 – the original handwritten draft, yes somewhere in the region of 344,000 words all scribbled out in longhand have been typed up, reviewed and is now undergoing proof reading and review with the read through team. There have already been some interesting developments which I’ll talk about in a later post.

Some people do ask why I don't just type up the work instead. For me the creative flow comes from putting pencil to paper. If I’m typing like I’m doing now for this blog and I mystipe something up pops the red underline or whatever colour Word throws up for grammar and punctuation and I feel compelled to go back and correct. 

This breaks the creative part of my brain which is trying to get the story out, by handwriting I can get it to paper and then step back and tidy up and make corrections during the transcription process. I can also write anywhere using a note book providing I have my pencil and a sharpener. They are much lighter than the laptop and the battery capacity on the old thing is not up to much these days. I know there are new super fangled gadgets out there now but hey I’ve just stopped using a quill give me a break.

Greetings from Miltonburg.
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