Sunday 27 March 2016

A Stitch In Time

The B&W section, how many can you name?
In the last post I mentioned that other things have taken my attention above building the ghost town.

So what have I been up to? Well the heating hasn’t been behaving too well, so I have been retiring earlier than normal and taking up the work on the Doctor Who Tapestry with more gusto.

Some evenings I have been spending a good two to three hours stitching away whilst listening to the BBC Audio releases of the Target novelizations, taken in story order.

This means that I have managed to progress the tapestry quite well since my last post upon it, back in July. Then I was working on the black and white section.

Joining the panels together

That is now attached and due to an error in measurement, I worked the piece larger than initially marked out on the material, I have had to add an additional strip along the top of the canvas to level the top up again.

This is what I am working on at the moment, having to join it to the main body as well as joining some strips together because of the size of the original work.

This means I have been extending backgrounds upwards, some additional camouflage for the UNIT section and blue and green time tunnel above the section for the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.

At the moment I am listening to the three stories that have been released in the Key to Time series, a section I completed a few years back on the tapestry. 

It does feel more engaging when the area I am working on matches the material being played, but that cannot always be the case.

Some areas have come out more satisfactorily than others, and there are sections I intend to go back, unpick and rework. There can be various reasons for this, and the first thing to do is to identify what has exactly gone wrong. Not always easy, it is easy to see that something is wrong but not so clear as to what remedial action is needed to rectify it.

The Key to Time, elements from all 6 adventures.

Spearhead from Space & Terror of the Autons

I’ll cherry pick some of my favorite Target based audio books in my next post.

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