Sunday, 20 March 2016

Two Minutes Modelling

With my attention somewhat distracted on other projects at the moment, the collection of boxes saved for recycling and the stack of sticks are stocking up and the ghost town remains as a pile of pieces. With all of the materials stacking up in the kitchen I’ve taken to performing two minutes of modelling at a time making use of  the time I wait for a kettle to boil or the microwave to go ding. It’s funny what you can achieve in a couple of minutes.

Over the course of a week I’ve been dismantling the small boxes, turning them inside out and gluing them back along with slices of toilet roll tube as reinforcement.  When turning the boxes inside out you need to leave time between each step for the glue to dry, you can only work on each box a little at a time. This is one of the reasons I’ve not engaged in large scale work recently. But working like this I have at least managed to make a little progress in building up a collection of boxes ready to form the base shape of the next building.

This week alone I have got seven boxes ready over the course of making a few cuppa soups, coffees and hot chocolate drinks.

Step 1, split the box down, fold back each flap and re-glue the main edge. Clamp and leave to dry.
Step 2, (next session) glue down the flaps from one end. Leave to dry. Probably about enough time to repeat step 1 on another box.
Step 3, Insert a cut length of tube to strengthen the box, glue and fix down the last end. Place weight down to hold in place. Probably enough time to perform step 2 on the next box. And so on...