Friday, 21 December 2012

Book Review July / August

I promised I'd fill in the gaps in the missing book reviews, here are the books I should have added for July and August. (Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec will follow shortly...)

The Wolf Gift
By Anne Rice
£18.99 (Hardback edition)

I was looking forward to reading this from the moment I first heard it was announced, the chance to read Anne Rice’s take on the werewolf mythology. Just the title filled me with hope, at last a werewolf that promised not to be moaning about the condition being a curse.

I was not disappointed; as the story unfolded we learnt that the lycanthropes here described themselves as morphen kind, with a rich history behind them. Although the transformation and subsequent events are not always easy for the main character, at last we have somebody that tries to find a way to embrace the gift.

I do hope that more stories emerge for the morphen kind, both past and present in the same way that the Vampire Chronicles gave us a wealth of characters for Anne’s vampires.

For more details visit the official Anne Rice website

BBC Doctor Who Dark Horizons
By J. T. Colgan 
£12.99 (Hardback editition)

A story of a wild and rugged coast line, something deadly at sea and vikings.

The Doctor, travelling alone, is looking for a second player for a game of chess. The wild coast of Scotland at the time of viking invasion is not somewhere he is likely to find a player, but he is likely to find trouble. A well paced exciting adventure for the 11th Doctor and you could imagine Matt Smith's Doctor getting into this sort of trouble.

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Wordsworth Editions:
Tales of Mystery & The Supernatural
Aylmer Vance: Ghost-Seer 
By Alice & Claude Askew

Alice and Claude Askew, husband & wife writing team from the early 20th century. First published in 1914, the Aylmer Vance stories were their offering for the supernatural genre. Very popular at the time, but for me slightly dated compared to some of the other writers from around this period.

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