Monday, 31 December 2012

Starting my “New Year’s Resolutions” early

Starting my “New Year’s Resolutions” early.

As the festive season galloped towards me at a shocking pace, I found it hard to feel happy, fluffy and festive. My letter box and email inbox received more grief than good will and it came from the main service providers for banking, electricity, gas, internet and phone.


I’ve procrastinated too long in giving these people a kick up the arse or the complete boot. So now they go. Their days are numbered and in some cases their time has come.

The first to go is Eon, supplier for gas and electricity now for several years. Earlier in the year when my fixed term for duel fuel expired they moved me to a new one automatically again with a higher than average price but fixed until April 2014. As we all know they seem very quick in hiking prices but when the wholesale cost comes down we never see the benefit. This time however they played dirty.

I have just received a letter saying my electricity prices are rising in January.

What about the fixed tariff until May 2014?

It seems now that according to their records only the gas was moved to a fixed rate and the duel fuel electric was not.
My tough luck.

This is not the first time I have had cause to complain about them. Over the last few years I have experienced their inability to process their own meter readings, have at times had over two years of bills reworked several times as they entered a ridiculously wrong reading, thus sending the billing into meltdown. I received a hostile letter from them for being at work when their meter reader came, I HAD NOT REFUSED ENTRY I was just not there as I’m not psychic. When I complained about this attitude in writing to their customer service department I received no response. This has been their last chance and the switch process is already in motion.
Others will follow, this will be a year of change unless services improve.