Monday, 24 December 2012

Vorsteck, the algae curtains

Just a quick one today.

The strangest part of this project had to be the requirement for the doorways to be curtained off using dried sea weed of sorts farmed from the local lake near Vortsteck.

I tried all types of materials to try and generate the dark green/ black algae curtains, hanging inside the doors and windows.

Just about everything was considered from fruit bag netting which eventually led to my experiments with lead panels for the other building's windows, to old socks.

Here is the one that eventually got used for the majority of the buildings. This was cotton wool soaked in green paint and allowed to dry then the fruit bag netting was laid over the top and stuck down. The whole lot was mounted on card and cut into 'slides' that could be slid into the doorframes and window frames using the internal holding frame work shown previously.

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