Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Book Review Sept / Oct

Wordsworth Classics
The Lost World & Other Stories
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The five stories in this collection are:

1) The Lost World
2) The Poison Belt
3) The Land of Mist
4) The Disintegration Machine
5) When the World Screamed

Professor G.E. Challenger is Doyle’s second famous character/world creation past the Holmes and Watson world and “The Lost World” is the most famous of these stories having been adapted several times to tv and film.

The writing style is less forgiving to time then the Holmes stories, but The Lost World is good read provided you keep in mind the period it was written in.

I found Land of Mist quite tedious, as it seemed to struggle with being a story about investigating various supernatural / mystic events and a working paper fighting with itself as to whether the writer believed or not in the phenomena.

It was after this I took a reading break before finishing the last two shorter stories in the collection. By these the wind had expired from Professor G.E. Challenger’s sails and was much less the blustering and foreboding character he started out as being.

Wordsworth Editions
Tales of Mystery & The Supernatural
Children of the Night Classic Vampire Stories
David Stuart Davies     

A collection of short vampire stories, or extracts from longer works. Some are more entertaining than others.

The Vampyre a Tale
Varney the Vampyre
The Curse of the Vourdalak
Dracula and the Three Brides
For the Blood is the Life
Good Lady Ducayne
An Episode of Cathedral History
The Horla
The Welcome Visitor

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