Thursday, 2 June 2011

Audio to Model By

What do you listen to when painting figures or building models? I tend to switch between either a new-age style music genre or audio books.

As I tend to build models around medieval town, ghost town or ancient ruins, I find this the right mood music for this work comes from artists like Clannad or Enya and film sound tracks like Lord of the Rings. The Clannad collection grew out of the soundtrack to the TV series Robin of Sherwood.

With that playing I’m easily transported back to the period of the tv series.

The stone circle was built to the Clannad albums Legend and Magical Ring.

Otherwise it’s the Doctor Who audio collection, and how that catalogue has grown. You can get soundtrack recordings from missing classic tv stories, radio episodes, and audio book readings of unabridged novelizations from the classic series and new readings associated with the new series all from BBC Audio, or Audio GO as they have now rebranded themselves.

As well as the BBC releases there is a huge catalogue of audio drama for Doctor Who from the company Big Finish. These star original TV Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann and soon Tom Baker will be joining their collection. They feature new and old companions and enemies, and really bring to life the classic series.

The good news for Doctor Who fans who might have missed some of the earlier titles in the Big Finish range is that they have just started their June sale – where bargains galore can be found. If you like sci-fi radio drama and not given one a try before now would be a good opportunity to give them a try. It’s not just Doctor Who they release, go on take a look you know you want to. 

There's over 150 Dr Who titles as well as spin offs to choose from. I've picked 6 here from the earliest releases.

01 The Sirens of Time by Nicholas Briggs, staring Peter Davison, Colin Baker & Sylvester McCoy

20 Loups-Garoux by Marc Platt staring Peter Davison

22 Bloodtide by Jonathan Morris staring Colin Baker

29 The Chimes of Midnight by Robert Shearman staring Paul McGann

34 Spare Parts by Marc Platt staring Peter Davison

36 The Rapture by Joseph Lidster staring Sylvester McCoy

Ok, I’ll come clean at this point, before I start recommending a few more of the titles, John Dorney, actor and writer, who has performed in several and also written for their Doctor Who and Sapphire and Steel series is also a member of the D&D group of which both BigLee , and myself are members. So I am slightly biased on some.
Here's my pick of 4 titles for JD.

Dr Who the Lost Stories - The First Doctor Box Set where he plays Alexander the Great

Three titles written by John Dorney
Companion Chronicles - Echoes of Grey performed by Wendy Padbury

Companion Chronicles - Solitaire  performed by India Fisher

Sapphire & Steel - Remember Me staring David Warner and Susannah Harker.


And, if anyone can recommend any other artists who they listen to whilst being creative, please leave a comment at the end.

I usually Twitter what I'm listening to when working on models, if you want to know what they are then follow me on Twitter (@djkettlety).