Wednesday 22 June 2011

Karl - Birth of Mystery

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Karl – Birth of Mystery
By D. J. Kettlety

Yes, I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve written the first part of Karl’s story and got it published.

So a little background to the creation of the character. Karl Axilion was the first character I played in a fantasy RPG. He needed a back story as he joined into an existing campaign. Then many years later when a new campaign started a new GM who was a player in that old game suggested I dust off Karl, revamp the story and use him in the new setting. So I did, I took the character, re-worked the story a bit and introduced him into that campaign, into a whole new specially created world.

This story is again a piece of the original, a piece of the new and a whole lot more besides. It is not a blow by blow account of the game. This is the first part of a trilogy, and is a completely removed from the games, just borrowing favourite characters and using them for my own devices. Book two is almost complete and the third is well plotted out to conclusion.

Welcome to the town of Miltonburg, where Karl and his family live, (for now). During the adventure you’ll find yourself in a bar down by the dockside called ‘The Ship and Hankor’, and one day on here I’ll explain why it has that unusual spelling, as I start to build a model of the place.

Karl – Birth of Mystery
By D. J. Kettlety

Published June 2011 
by “100 Publishing” an imprint of Hirst Books.
Cover design by Robert Hammond

ISBN 9-781-90795929-5

Karl should never have been born.

His grandmother, Zandina, knew that; even though she had tried to hide it from Karl's mother, her own daughter.

Karl's birth now secured her future. Her status as a Guardian of the Knowledge was in jeopardy; but what could she do?

Many signs had been seen by the Guardians of Knowledge, but none had seen enough of them to be aware that the portent they foretold was going to come to pass in this lifetime.

Karl's birth; on the night that celebrated evil was the last sign, the last warning to those that were supposed to be vigilant.

For some, the purpose of their existence was now over.

For Karl, death threats, magic, divine intervention, betrayal, abductions and murder - his adventure was just beginning...

If this has your interest and you’d like to pre-order then please follow this link, all orders placed through the Hundred Publishing Website will be signed and dedicated.


  1. Congratulations. It's an impressive feat to finish a book, let alone be in the final stages of a sequel. Good luck sir.

  2. Awsome! Just ordered my copy and look forward to meeting Karl again, this time in print.

    Congratulation mate, well done indeed.

  3. Self promote away Derek, well done its a great achievement!!!


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