Sunday, 12 June 2011

Country Cottages Paint Work part two

First of all, I would like to start by thanking all the Referring Sites that have recently been pushing traffic my way, in the first 12 days of June I have managed to attain my highest monthly figure yet, and so early in the month. Special thanks goes to the following, your support is much appreciated:-

Previously I undercoated the cottage and painted the thatch, details of that can be found here.
The Wood Work  and The Thatch Work.

Since then I’ve had a week off work, holiday time in which I planned to get a lot done, but some sort of allergic reaction caused my hands to swell up for a few days, and you can’t brandish a knife or a paint brush like that. Anyway, between bouts of swellings I’ve managed to complete the paint work on one of the cottages.

The walls were first painted with the Americana Decoart Acrylic Butter, then over painted with white acrylic blending into the sides and corners so that the walls also had an aged look.

I also dry brushed with white on the wood work, before picking out the joints of the wood frame and beams with a watered down black acrylic, this added additional dirt worked into the cracks.

The chimney and stone work were painted black, followed by a grey mix painted over the undercoat, and then topped off with white detail.

The windows were painted black; I tend to keep these dark and neutral. They can always be dressed for special occasions with inserts if you need a lighted window look later.

The sawdust base was painted green but then additional red sand and green flocking was added with PVA glue over the top, some of the red sand was rubbed into the wood work of the step, again to give it that lived in and used look.

I added the small pieces of bush and a couple of pieces of cork to acts as rocks which I painted up with the same colour scheme as the chimney.

The final paint work was addressed to distress the thatch, here I used a mix of orange, butter, and burnt umber in varying proportions to give extra depth and age to the thatch.

The only main concern was not to over use the orange as this was too bold, where the orange came through too strongly I blended back with additional ‘butter’ to soften the effect.

All it needs now is a spray of purity seal and the job’s done.

Now to get back to work on the cottage where the chimney stack had to be cut away and rebuilt...