Monday, 20 June 2011

Old White Dwarf Magazines Found

I cheered with delight* as I dragged an old box out of the shed to discover some of my old White Dwarf magazines from 1990 / 1991 published by Games Workshop. 

These were some of the issues that got me into this model making lark in the first place. It was the articles that these magazines contained that taught me how to model, something until then I had only ever marvelled at. 

I’ve not yet found all the missing magazines from that era, but I thought I’d give some credit to the articles that first got me started. I would love to see a special book printed containing all these articles collected together because they were so well written and presented.

I’m still missing the issue with the coaching inn. I know it must be around somewhere. I am going to keep looking. The article collection I was particularly interested in was “The Modelling Workshop” by Dave Andrews and Phil Lewis (unless otherwise stated)

Issue 132 December 1990 – Hills and Mines.
Issue 133 January 1991 - Fences, Walls and Hedges.

Issue 135 March 1991 – Ruined Temple. 

I started this project but never got round to finishing it. I also discovered my half build ruined temple, and here are the pieces of that project. 

Something else I will now get finished.

Issue 137 May 1991 – Fantasy Town House.

This one I did build from and here is the actual town house I made. I’ve recently started to build more of these style buildings based on photos I’ve taken on my travels. 

Let’s see what happens with the new buildings.

Issue 140 August 1991 Modelling Workshop 
by Phil Lewis  – Fantasy Barn

Issue 152 August 1992 Modelling Workshop 
by Adrian Wild  - Hills and Woods 

(*) Ok So I cheered to myself and didn’t scare the neighbours any more so than usual.

White Dwarf is copyright Games Workshop, and no copyright infringement is intended, these images are simply to show credit where credit’s due.