Monday, 6 June 2011

Country Cottages Fixing the Chimney

Today’s work was interrupted by showers, forcing me to dash in and out between bursts, but then the weather took a final turn and all hope of working outside was lost.

 One of the models that I discovered unfinished had a full external stone chimney built by using the DAS clay shaped into stone work and stuck around an additional layer of foam board. I started work putting the wooden beams around it then came to the conclusion that the chimney was too flat, the effect I had been after was for the chimney to be built out of the wall. Once the beams were on and the area between the beams plastered up the chimney would sink flat against it.

I had to take corrective measures, and the first rule of this is a very sharp knife. I cut around the chimney removing it completely from the model. Then stuck another piece of foam board inside the model, like a new backing plate and built out the gap between with more pieces. After that I reattached the chimney to the elevated section giving the chimney more thickness. 

This left a gap around the edge which I filled with more DAS stones to add to the chimney work. I think I might have got away with it.