Sunday 2 September 2012

Archives, Distractions and Daleks

A very young DJK with first train set

It has been a while since I posted. Not much model work has been done; instead I've been ploughing through the family archives and scanning old photos creating some very interesting photo collections. 

Most of which have no place on this blog with the exception of my first model railway, probably the first introduction to scale model making. This was a ‘OO gauge’ Hornby railway.

Lego Olympic Stadium in John Lewis, Stratford

For fans of Lego and similar building blocks, and Doctor Who here are two photos taken in John Lewis at Westfield in Stratford. (I think they’ve been doing some big sporty thing there recently). This is the Olympic stadium built from Lego.

They also have a large red Dalek, I’m guessing built with Character Options’ building blocks. Quite ideal considering the deadly pepper pots have just made a welcome return to TV this weekend here in the UK.

Character Options Dalek in
John Lewis, Stratford

I have done some work on the ‘Ship and Hankor’, and at the bottom are a few photos of the latest stage, mainly working on the chimneys and walls.