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Season 20

Changes aboard the TARDIS, we welcome back Tegan but say farewell to Nyssa and greet a new companion in the shape of Turlough. But is he friend or foe?

Arc of Infinity

by Johnny Byrne

First broadcast 3rd - 12th January 1983

Omega taking on The Doctor's form (Peter Davison) with 

The Ergon (Malcolm Harvey)

[COMING SOON - Omega - (Ian Collier)]

[COMING SOON - Commander Maxil (Colin Baker)]


by Christopher Bailey

First broadcast 18th - 26th January 1983

The Mara


Mawdryn Undead

by Peter Grimwade

First broadcast 1st - 9th February 1983

Turlough (Mark Strickson)

Alistair Gorden Leithbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney)

The Black Guardian (Valentine Dyall)
Image from Key to Time series, Series 20 image coming soon

[COMING SOON - Mawdryn (David Collins)]


by Stephen Gallagher

First broadcast 15th - 23rd February 1983

[COMING SOON – The Garm (R.J. Bell )]


by Barbara Clegg

First broadcast 1st - 9th March 1983


The King's Demons

by Terence Dudley

First broadcast 15th - 16th March 1983

Kamelion (voiced by Gerald Flood)
Not complete

The Master (Anthony Ainley)

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